How To Get Started

What you need

What you do

Take your projector outside at night and shine it on your house. Find a good position where the image covers most of your house or a prominent part of your house that people will see. Once you settle on a good position, mark it so that you can set up the projector in that exact same location every time you want to project. You may want to put your projector in a weatherproof secure box to protect it.

Then follow the instructions for drawing a house outline map detailed here. The map is the secret to making this look really cool.

Also, take a photo that shows the house from roughly the same angle as your projector is pointed so we can see what it looks like. We will use this for reference and identifying the best places to put things, but it is NOT a replacement for a drawn map. We need both.

Choose the video you would like customized and place your order. Send us the photo and outline via email.

What we do

Once we receive your payment, photo and outline, the first thing we will do is create a test video of your map outline that you can use to see if it lines up in video format. That will tell us for sure if things are lining up or not. If not, we will do some troubleshooting to get it lined up. Once it is lined up, we will modify the video you choose to fit your map and your house. We will then post the video to our server for you to download in digital format. Our typical turnaround time is about 3 business days, but that will vary depending on our workload.