Free Mapping Software

We are excited to present our new Projection Mapper software for drawing maps quickly and easily! This application allows you to draw clear to the edges of your screen without any tool bars to get in the way.

Click here to download.

Projection Mapper is designed to run on Windows operating systems (Windows Vista or newer).


  1. Click here to download the application setup file.
  2. When prompted, select to run the program. At this point your computer will likely give you a warning that the app is not recognized. Click “more info” and then click to run the program anyway. (This warning only means the program publisher is unrecognized by Windows. It does NOT mean the program is infected with a virus or malware. Your anti-virus software will automatically scan the software before it runs to make sure it is not infected with any malware so your computer will be safe.)
  3. The installation wizard will launch and give you options for installing the program. Typically you will want to just leave the settings the way they are. Make sure the box is checked to create a desktop icon so you can have easy access to the program. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

Using The Program

  1. To launch the program, double click on the Projection Mapper icon on your desktop.
  2. When the program starts your entire screen will turn white. This is your canvas for drawing your map. Vertical and horizontal ruler lines are there to help you find your mouse pointer and you will see that the lines move with your pointer.
  3. To begin drawing, left click and hold anywhere on the screen. Drag the mouse pointer and the program will draw a straight line for you between the original click point and the current location of the mouse pointer. Once the line looks the way you want it, release the mouse button. Repeat the process to draw as many lines as you need to draw your map.
  4. To simulate curves, simply draw a series of short lines.
  5. If you make a mistake, right click anywhere on the screen and select “Undo” from the drop down menu and the previously drawn line will disappear. Do it again and the one before that will disappear. Alternately, you can hold down the “Cntrl” key on your keyboard while you tap the “z” key to accomplish the same thing.
  6. To save your map drawing, right click anywhere on the screen and select “Save” from the drop down menu. A file save dialog box will open so that you can save your map.
  7. To exit the program right click anywhere on the screen and select “Exit”.

Why Is It Free?

We want to make drawing a map as easy as possible for our customers so that they can purchase our services. We make money indirectly from the use of the software by our customers and that is enough for us. Projection Mapper does not display any ads or try to install any trial software, etc.