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Digital PressWorks ShoppingCart

This script is FREE for download and use but may not be redistributed without permission from Digital PressWorks.

Digital PressWorks ShoppingCart is an e-commerce shopping cart system that is highly configurable and easy to integrate into the look and feel of any web site.

SECURITY ALERT: 3/23/07 It has been discovered that a hacker could potentially compromise the security of the cart by hijacking it to send unsolicited email through the recommend to a friend feature. Code blocking this threat has been added to the current download.

  • Searchable database of products for sale
  • Link directly to individual products or categories
  • Cookies retain cart and customer information if a customer leaves and returns
  • Drop down options that can add to product price and shipping weight when selected
  • Free form options for collecting information to customize a product
  • Option to designate a product non-taxable
  • Recommend an item to a friend feature
  • Customize look and feel with only one design template
  • PayPal compatible
  • compatible
  • WorldPay compatible
  • Option to collect payment information and process manually
  • Web enabled administration login
  • Add, edit and delete product information
  • Upload product photos
  • Manage shipping tables and tax tables
  • Searchable order management database
  • Order status tracking
  • Print packing slips
  • Create backorders
  • Send shipping confirmations with package tracking numbers
  • Sales Reports
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To find out more about this program, use the links below: EXAMPLES
The following are just a few of the production sites using this script. These are functioning web sites, not test sites, so please do not submit any fake orders. Contact us if you would like your site listed here.